XYZ Workshop team up with Ultimaker to launch open source, 3D printable Fashion Suite

XYZ Workshop is an Australian company committed to exploring the creative possibilities of 3D printing. Since its establishment last year, it has collaborated with numerous forward-thinking designers, engineers and architects on projects at the cutting edge of modern technology.

XYZ Workshop CEO

The brainchild of husband and wife team Kae Woei Lim and Elena Low, XYZ’s recent experiments include 3D printed jewellery, toys, chess sets and chocolate. Perhaps its most headline-grabbing creation so far, however, is the inBloom dress, which was the toast of New York fashion week last February.

3D printed inBloom dress

The longest item of clothing every 3D printed on a desktop device, inBloom measures 213cm, is made up of 191 panels and took 450 hours to make. Consisting of about 1.7kg of flexible PLA filament, it was a stunning, ambitious testament to the creative potential of additive manufacturing.

XYZ Workshop 3D printed dress

Now, the designs for the inBloom dress are being released, open sourced, as part of Fashion Suite, a potentially ground breaking collection of 3D printable fashion items now available for free download from YouMagine.

3D printed inBloom dress

A collaboration between XYZ and Ultimaker, Fashion Suite’s cache of printable wares also includes flexible watches, women’s clutches and men’s wallets. Low and Weei are hoping that it encourages makers and designers around the world to see 3D printing as an easily accessible, practically useful way to get their products to the public, rather than a hobbyist’s plaything or an expensive, impenetrable tech-tool for well-heeled designers.

Fashion Suite 3D printed watch

As Low says:

We wanted to make a 100% desktop 3D printed piece to showcase that 3D printed fashion was not exclusive to large, expensive industrial 3D printers. The Fashion Suite, including the inBloom Dress is released as an open source package. In order for us as a community to advance 3D printable fashion, we believe we can help stimulate and encourage experimentation by publicly providing the design files.

3D printed wallets

The team at Ultimaker are just as excited about the Fashion Suite, with CEO Siert Wijnia saying:

I can see how 3D printing can change the fashion industry. It creates shorter lead times for a designer and gives them the freedom and flexibility to produce things in smaller quantities or even personalise a piece. What makes this dress stand apart from other 3D printed fashion is that it actually looks delicate and lace-like, with qualities of movement. We can’t wait to see how other people will push the limits with a desktop 3D printer, especially with the use of Flexible PLA.

Fashion Suite 3D printed clutch

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