Will this 3D printable doll prompt a new wave of ultra-customisable toys?

Quin the 3D printed doll 2Meet Quin: the wide-eyed 3D printable fashion doll. Launched on Kickstarter this week by Ohio based firm 3DKitbash, Quin’s file can be downloaded and printed on a basic, desktop 3D printer. Yet the doll’s real selling point is its unprecedented potential for customisation.

Standing 11 inches tall and coming with articulated limbs and interchangeable eyes, hairstyles and hands, Quin has been designed to fit with the accessories and clothing of many other popular fashion dolls on the market. She clicks together in a series of quick attachments, with no glue or supporting parts required. So simple is it, in fact, that a child could easily follow the instructions.

If, however, the owner decides they want a Quin that’s a bit taller or, perhaps, a Quin with bigger feet or, maybe, a Quin that looks like Michael Gove, all they need to do is open up the STL file and manipulate the original design to suit their specifications.

Quin the 3D printed dollSo, not only do doll fans get to print Quin as many times as they want, they also get to print Quin exactly as they want her to be.

As with all the most interesting 3D print concepts, the doll takes a popular product and subverts it by opening it up to widespread customisation. On a consumer-level, 3D online casino printing’s great selling point is not convenience or affordability but rather the capacity to precisely design a product to each customer’s exact requirements.

In the world of kid’s toys, this opens up the door to all kinds of interesting possibilities, offering children the ability to really make their doll their own.

If Quin is truly a success, however, it will most certainly not just be kids jumping on board. As 3DKitbash says:

We hope makers, inventors and toy fans will build add-ons and custom features for Quin. She is more than a pretty doll. She is also an inventing platform.

Right now, it’s racked up $1,811 of its $10,000 goal though, with 33 days left to run, it should probably hit target by the end of the campaign. A pledge of just 55 bucks bags you the 3D model file, which you can print, customise and re-style to your heart’s content.

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