United Nudes joins the 3D printing fashion revolution with new line of Float shoes

Another week, another big name clothing brand declaring its love for all things 3D printing. Just seven days ago we were talking about Japanese firm Kabuku’s mOments range of 3D printable fashion accessories, which was only the most recent in a long, long line of cutting edge brands that have adopted the technology to manufacture their products.

United Nudes 3D printing

Now it’s the turn of ultra-hip clothing brand United Nudes to adopt additive manufacturing, with its new line of Float footwear. These uniquely designed ladies’ shoes have been designed to be printed either at home or in-store on a Cube3 desktop device. The Cube3 is, of course, one of 3D Systems’ flagship consumer models and the company is very much on board with United Nudes latest product.

Float 3D printed shoes

It will debut in United Nudes’ flagship retail installation in the Soho district of Manhattan, where customers can watch shoes being printed mobile casino live in store. Passers-by can even catch Floats being created in the shop’s window.

3D printed shoes

United Nudes founder Rem D Koolhaas describes the concept like this:

After pioneering wearable, 3D printed shoes using a state-of-the-art Selective Laser Sintering 3D printer, we are thrilled to deliver fully functional, 3D printed shoes designed for an affordable home desktop printer. This design is about creating something beautiful and interesting. It’s about experimenting, moving forward and learning along the way.

Want to strut your stuff in a pair of Floats this season? You can either download them for printing from the brand’s website or have them printed for you at the store on Bond Street, New York.

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