Ultra-safe CreoPop 3D printing pen set to launch on IndieGoGo

Another week, another addition to the increasingly crowded 3D printer pen market. Since WobbleWorks launched their 3Doodler to much acclaim and a $2 million Kickstarter campaign 15 months back, we’ve seen a slew of companies clambering to get their take on/ knock-off of the 3D pen on the shelves.

CreoPop 3D print pen

Yet the CreoPop pen, which will be hitting IndieGoGo before the end of the month, looks like it might be different. While the 3Doodler and its many imitators heat filament to burning hot temperatures before extruding it from the nib, the CreoPop utilises a new material known as Cool Ink.

Cool Ink is a light sensitive photopolymer that hardens when exposed to ultraviolet light. The pen itself comes with a built-in UV beam, which cures your drawings as you create them in the air. This makes the CreoPop safe for children, as well as doing away with the smell of red-hot filament. It’s portable too, operating from a battery that charges via USB connectivity.

CreoPop 3D printing pens

All of which makes it less like a piece of heavy duty hardware and more like a…well, pen.

CreoPop have also developed several specialist inks to go with the device, including glow in the dark ink and ink that changes colour with the temperature. There are also plans to develop elastic, magnetic, electric conductive and skin-safe Cool Inks, the latter of which could be used for Henna-like body art.

Cool Ink CreoPop 3D pen

It should be said, before we get carried away, that the CreoPop is, currently a prototype and there have been reports that the ink hardens a bit too quickly, which can clog the extruder. However, the makers have assured the press that these wrinkles will be ironed out before the device’s intended shipping date of early 2015.

If you want to bag an early-bird deal on the CreoPop, you’ll be able to snap it up for just $89 (£54) when the crowd-funding campaign launches.

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