Trobok: are these 3D printable models the future of toy manufacturing?

3D printing toys is nothing new. In fact, back in September, a top ten infographic from 3D print model search engine Yeggi told us that fantasy and sci-fi figurines from titles such as Star Wars, Warhammer and League of Legends were the most searched for items on its site, while games such as Lego and chess were eighth.

Trobok toys

The new Trobok range of toys is something rather different. While all of the aforementioned models came from established brands, the Trobok characters are an entirely new crew, designed specifically for 3D printing. A six strong gang of what appear to be mutated creatures clad in gasmasks, they come with their own original back story and mythology, and are ideal for the all-out customisation offered by 3D print technology.

Trobok toys 3D printed

Customers can download the files from the Trobok website (prices range from free to $10, depending on which one you want) and either print them at home or have them printed by a third party service such as 3D Hubs.

Before printing, you can personalise and play with the Computer Aided Design files to your heart’s content. As the file is yours forever, you can print and re-print over and over again until you create a Trobok that perfectly suits you personality. You can even sell on your new, improved models, so long as you change it enough from the original design. The designers behind Trobok do, however, urge buyers not to upload or sell on the original files.

Trobok 3D printed toys

Each model has been optimised for FDM or FFF printing on a desktop device, ensuring the cheapest possible manufacturing process for the end user.

Trobok is the product of a South African designer that works out of the MOAD museum in Johannesburg, the country’s first museum dedicated totally to design.

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