The Robox is a desktop 3D printer for everybody

Probably the most interesting Kickstarter campaign that has been brought to our attention this week is that of the Robox. Claiming to be the ‘simplest, most reliable and comprehensive 3D printing platform available’, the compact device has more than three weeks left in its campaign but has already smashed it’s £100,000 target.

Robox CES

It comes from Cel, a British based 3D print company with the somewhat familiar aim of making 3D printing accessible to the masses. What makes the Robox really stand out is how usable it seems to be. As well as being small enough to sit in even the most cramped of home offices, it works right out of the box. Getting the machine up and running is merely a matter of plugging it in and installing the AutoMaker software.

Automaker software

The specifications are pretty impressive too. The layer thickness is all the way down to just 20 microns, allowing you to print parts that require little or no finishing once they are created. It packs a dual-nozzle system, which offers speeds up to 300% of competitive devices.

The Robox specifications

When Cel began designing the Robox, it had a vision of a device that casino would go beyond the small though committed market of hardcore additive manufacturing enthusiasts and reach small start up businesses, artists and even schools. Its Kickstarter page proudly proclaims:

We’ve attempted to make Robox accessible for all children over 5, by streamlining the process of printing and making the product safe to use.

Sound interesting? You can pick one up via the campaign page by pledging 700 quid or more, with the models due to ship in March next year. If you can’t wait that long, throw in an extra £200 and your Robox will be with by January. If you wait until it hits the shelves, it is likely to set you back about £849.

That price compares quite well with other consumer printers on the market. It’s less than the asking price of the Replicator 2X (£1,725) and the Cube (£950), but more expensive than the Zeepro Zim (£430) and the Pirate 3D Buccaneer (£430).

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