The Mamba 3D printer is about to launch on Kickstarter

Mymatic is a new technology firm, established in 2012 in the Netherlands (why are all the best 3D print start ups Dutch?). As one would expect, Mymatics takes a big interest in 3D printing and has spent the last year prototyping its new consumer, desktop device.

This week, it presented the Mamba 3D, which will be launching a campaign shortly on Kickstarter. The thinking behind the hardware was simple.

Mamba 3D dinosaurs

Rather than try to dress up their device with clever sounding but practically useless feature, the Mymatics team decided to get back to basics. They stripped the consumer 3D printer down to its bare essentials to focus on what the most important capabilities of the technology are.

With the Mamba 3D, they have designed a device that aims to perfect the basics of 3D printing, making it an ideal system for a dedicated amateur enthusiast or first time maker. On the Mamba3D website, Mymatics promises a durable device, framed with black anodized aluminium.

3D printed shoes

Perhaps most interesting, however, is the custom engineered ‘easy release’ extruder, which promises to make changing filament a quick and easy job. All you have to do is pull a small lever, swap the filament and get printing once again.

As there’s no sign of a price tag yet, it’s difficult to see what its closest competitors might be. Its specifications, however, put it ahead of many of the lower priced consumer models, with 200 x 200 x 200 mm build volume, up to 50 microns layer resolution and 300 degrees Celsius extruder temperatures.

Future upgrades planned for the Mamba 3D include SD card connectivity and a heated print bed.

Essentially, it looks like a 3D printer that has been optimised for convenience, usability and simplicity ahead of everything else. That should it give it a good chance of attracting a strong following once it hits Kickstarter.


Mamba3d Roses

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