THE HOT THREE: Top 3D print stories of the week (20th December)

3. Formlabs officially launch brand new white resin

Big news from Formlabs, manufacturers of the Form 1: the popular consumer 3D printer can now be equipped with a new resin. While previously, users could only print with either grey or clear resin, now they can create objects with white.

Formlabs White Resin


Aside from colour, new resin formulations come with different strengths, temperature endurances, textures and characteristics. For example, a white resin will allow objects to be smoother and more stable. As white catches and exhibits shadows, objects will appear with greater definition too.

A litre bottle of white resin can be snapped up at the Formlabs website for $149.

2. ShapeDo supports real collaboration between 3D designers




Israeli start-up ShapeDo have just launched a concept that brings the open sourced nature of 3D print design to the next level. is a website that allows users to upload STL and SCAD files of their 3D objects, which can then be browsed by visitors. What makes ShapeDo different from, say, Thingiverse is that rather than just browse, visitors can download the original files for free and play with the design, before uploading a new version back to ShapeDo.

A network map is available to show you how an object progresses as different users add their own touches to it. This supports a truly collaborative community, where users contribute their creativity and talent to the same projects. As ShapeDo CEO Ari Isaacs puts it:

What really got me into the maker community is the way everyone works together. There is no competition: curious, brilliant people hang out and build stuff.

For makers who still want easy collaboration but don’t like the idea of having their objects out in the open where just anybody can tinker with them, ShapeDo will also provide a paid, closed area called Private Shapes.

1. Floored’s 3D scans could revolutionise real estate, architecture and interior design

New York based start-up Floored gets our top spot this week, thanks to its jaw-dropping concept for 3D scanning whole building interiors that can then be viewed, explored and interacted with by users. To realise this project, Floored attracted $5.26 million worth of Series A round funding from a number of contributors, including RRE Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, Lerer Ventures and Greycroft Partners.


Floored 3D scanned buildings


Floored captures interiors using the Matterport, a high powered 3D scanner that essentially allows the user to point and fire at a given area. What makes it more suitable to large scale scanning than the average device is that it requires no point clouds between sections of the room. With this device, Floored can record an entire building in just two days.

floored-logoOnce the scan is recorded, Floored uses software to clean up the image before offering it as an interactive application that can be embedded to its client’s websites.

For example, a real estate agent can offer customers a virtual version of a property for sale. On this virtual home, the customer can move furniture, add windows, see what it looks like under different lighting, etc.

Such a possibility could make huge changes in the real estate, architecture, commercial property, marketing and interior design industries. Amongst its clients, Floored already counts Taconic Investment Partners, Related Companies, CBRE and Cushman Wakefield.

To check out some of Floored’s superb 3D models, visit its portfolio here. It’s well worth at least 30 minutes of your time.

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