THE HOT THREE: Top 3D print creations of the week (31st January)

3. 18K gold iPhone

Do you have more money than sense? If so, Hadoro has the perfect thing for you: a 3D printed iPhone 5s that contains 125 grams of 18 karat gold. Available in either yellow or red gold, it takes 200 hours to produce, between printing, brushing, polishing and refining, and can be yours for the bargain price tag of a mere £45,000.

iphone 5s gold 3d printed

If you are a millionaire pimp or a cast member of Jersey Shore, chances are you’re already familiar with Hadoro, the French company that specialises in blinging up mobile communications devices. On its website and at its headquarters in the Colette store in Paris, you can order everything from platinum tablets to Swarovski encrusted phones.

Those that desperately need a shiny 45 grand telephone in their lives had better put their (no doubt, platinum plated) skates on. Hadoro is only selling 50 of these limited edition items.

2. The Laser Girls 3D printed nail jewellery

Laser girls 3d printed nails

Not even the manicure is safe from the additive manufacturing revolution. The Laser Girls are two New York based digital artists, Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford, who specialise in creating fake fingernails that go miles beyond your traditional press-on acrylics.

3D printed finger nails

From raven-esque claws to ultra-chic spikes to weird bumpy ones that seem to have braille letters printed on them, their designs are imaginative, inspired, out-there and, occasionally, fantastic. Fancy getting a set? Check out the girls’ Shapeways shop here.

1. 3D printed Forbidden City

You might remember the story from last October that Leapfrog 3D printers were working on a precisely detailed replica model of the entire Forbidden City as part of an exhibition about the Ming dynasty in Amsterdam.

Forbidden City 3D printed

Well, this week, the model has been revealed to the world and it’s a pretty spectacular sight. From just two printers, every temple, hall, house, tower, bridge and wall from the 980-building strong city have been fired off to an exact scale of 1:300.

Collaborating with the Nanjing Museum in China, the piece was created at the Dutch De Nieuwe Kerk museum where, for the last four months, visitors could watch the pieces being printed and the final model being put together bit by tiny bit.

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