The Electroloom: the desktop 3D clothes printer that could be on the way soon

ElectroloomElectroloom is a prototyped 3D printer that aims to bring 3D clothes printing into the mainstream. Sure, we’ve seen plenty of out-there outfits from haute couture fashion-tech designers like Anouk Wipprecht and Iris van Herpen strutting down catwalks, adorning the stages of exclusive nightclubs and being papped on red carpets. What makes Electorloom a different proposition is that its target  is very much at the more everyday end of the market.

Developed by a company of the same name, Electroloom will print clothing on demand that is comfortable, functional and, most of all, customisable to the end user. The brainchild of company founder Aaron Rowley, the eventual goal is to release the technology open source and then set-up an online database of clothing files from independent designers, sort of like a Shapeways for fashionistas.

For the time being, Electroloom remains in the development phase. Last month it took a very big step towards completion, however, when it won the Alternative Apparel Grant for Sustainability in Design and Technology. The award gives Electroloom a membership to the TechShop in San Francisco, a design mentorship and $1000, all of which will go towards perfecting the prototype.

Alternative Apparel is a lifestyle brand founded in 1995, with the goal of creating clothing that would be sustainable and simplistic. As Rowley’s device represents a more sustainable process for clothing manufacture, using organic cotton and recycled fibres, it fits Alternative Apparel’s forward-thinking vision perfectly.

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