The Choc Creator Version 2 launches in China

Good news for sweet tooth geeks everywhere: Choc Edge has launched the second version of its Choc Creator contraption, the delicious device that hit the shelves around Christmastime 2012 allowing hungry makers to craft completely customised, sophisticatedly saccharine designs at the push of a button.

Choc Creator Version 2

Bad news for sweet tooth geeks everywhere but China: Though Choc Edge was founded by Dr. Liang Hao in the University of Exeter, the Choc Creator Versions 2 is, currently, only available in the far eastern People’s Republic.

Launched at the World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference and Exhibition this week, the mouth-watering machine has already attracted much attention and plenty of pre-orders (at a price of RMB38,800 / £3,665).

3D printing chocolate

What marks it out from the earlier iteration is a new automatic temperature control system, which means a far more fluid flow when the time comes to fashion your flavoursome design. It also boasts a closed compartment, which ensures a more constant temperature thoughtout the print process.

It uses the same simplified, syringe-based system as the original to extrude hot chocolate in complex, criss-crossing lines of 0.45mm to 1.3 mm, though it does so with far finer precision. The deposition heads are easy to replace, easy to refill and easy to install, while printing your pieces is as painless as hooking your USB up to your printer and pressing go.

Chocolate 3D printing

This allows even amateur bakers to craft convoluted and complicated chocolate creations that would usually be the reserve of only the most highly-qualified and proficient of professional chefs.

While there is no European release date for the Choc Creator Version 2, we will keep you posted as soon as it is confirmed.

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