The 3D printed Nescafe lid that doubles as an alarm clock

The latest big name brand to utilise 3D printing in its marketing and branding efforts is Nescafe. In collaboration with creative agency Publicis Mexico’s recently launched Innovation Lab, NOTCOT Inc’s NOTlabs studio and the illustrator Charmaine Choi, the instant-coffee company has developed an alarmingly innovative (that’s a terrible pun – you’ll see why in a second), limited edition new lid for its premium blend jar.

Nescafe alarm clock

Not only does the Nescafe Alarm Cap keep your coffee granules fresh and fragrant, it also wakes you gently from your sleep (see what we mean? Sorry). Handmade in Los Angeles from two different 3D printed parts, the Arduino-based cap lights up when it’s time for you to get out of bed, while emitting one of seven tender tunes that have, apparently, been scientifically chosen to invite the most natural possible awakening.

Nescafe 3D printed lid

The only way to turn the alarm off is to unscrew the cap from the jar, thus encouraging you to start your day with a cupful of the coffee goodness held within.

Nescafe 3D printer

The exterior of the Alarm Cap was printed in nylon using an SLS printer by Shapeways, while the interior was printed on a MakerBot using FDM technology. The interface on the underside of the cap includes an OLED screen and a 4 way joystick.

nescafe 3D printed alarm lid

Speaking about the design for the piece, Jean Aw, Editor in Chief at NOTlabs, says:

From the first discussions, 3D printing was already integral to the original concept. The greatest benefit to (printing in-house) was being able to make minor changes on the fly during the production process and make sure everything fits ever-so-perfectly. It’s the perfect example of a big brand embracing the technologies of the maker movement and showcasing how the accessibility of 3D printing and Arduino-based electronics allow for beautifully designed objects and experiences.

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