Solid: the highly innovative 3D printed titanium bike

The Bike Design Project is a competition currently running across the United States with the goal of finding the bicycle of tomorrow. Five teams from five cycle-crazy cities are going toe-to-toe, creating their own vision for the future of two wheeled transport.

Each team is made up of a high level design firm and an American bike craftsman. The winner will be chosen by visitors to the Bike Design Project website and be on sale in shops across the states next year. Oregon Manifest, the non-profit company behind the competition, is looking for a mixture of attractive aesthetics, smoothly integrated, versatile solutions and features, and superb manufacturing execution.

3D printed bike

It is unsurprising to see that 3D printing plays a big part in one of the potential winners’ design. Solid is an innovative bicycle from the Portland-based team of design firm Industry and handmade bike maker Ti Cycles. Its titanium frame, which houses all the wires, shifts and brake cables, was 3D printed in partnership with i3D Manufacturing. The handlbars come kitted out with haptic feedback that buzzes as the cyclist approaches a turn. The closer you get to the corner, the more it buzzes, ensuring you stay focused on the road at all times.

3D printed bike project

Built-in sensors allow the rider to control their lights with ease, while gears are shifted electronically. It can also be matched to two Smartphone apps – My Bike, which makes bike maintenance easy with timely alerts whenever you need to repair breaks or replace lights, and Discover My City, in which 8 of Portland’s coolest residents take you on curated rides through the town they love, complete with recommendations for where to eat, ride and shop along the way.

3D printed bike competition

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