Outdoor Ukulele’s latest instrument is 3D printed by Realize

3D printing ukeleleOutdoor Ukulele is a company with a pretty unique raison d’être: to create ukuleles that can be played outside. Injection moulded from glass filled polycarbonate, these instruments are durable enough to withstand usage in all sorts of weather conditions. In fact, its products have been plucked in places as far flung as the depths of the Amazon and the middle of the Arctic.

When it was time to start prototyping its latest instrument, a tenor ukulele, it decided to use 3D printing for the process and quickly identified Realize as the company it wished to charge with the task.

Realize has been one of the top rapid prototyping service providers in the United States for more than a decade. Priding itself on “partnering with our clients as an extension of their team to provide them the best solutions for their projects”, Realize utilises stereolithography to fire off its high quality prototypes.

Outdoor Ukulele chose Realize as it was the only provider that could deliver a tenor ukulele prototype in polycarbonate-like resin that would also have the size, tension and quality to be played as a working instrument. It needed to be accurate, right down to the size and fret positioning.

Realize 3D printed ukelele

Using an SLA 5000 printer filled with Accura 60 resin, Realize delivered the beautiful prototype you can see in the video below.

Want to hear how it sounds? Just press play.

Both Realize and Outdoor Ukulele consider the tenor ukulele a resounding success. Brian Cazzell, Realise’s lead developer on the project said:

I was extremely excited to be a part of the project due to my personal interest in musical instruments.  This made the project go smoothly because we spoke the same language in terms of the components that were being used in the assembly of this prototype.

Outdoor Ukulele’s Scott Seelye put it like this:

The parts we received from Realize gave us an instrument so close to the real thing, customers thought they were already in production… Quite often, you don’t receive this level of service from a prototype company unless you’re a Fortune 500 company.

In fact, Outdoor Ukulele was so impressed that it has made Realize its only approved prototype manufacturer.

Tenor Ukulele Outdoor Ukulele

Fancy entertaining your fellow travellers on your next backpack adventure into wild terrain? Or charming your beloved with a tender ditty on a romantic date at the beach? Or maybe you just want to sit alone atop a mountain and pick out your favourite melody?

Then pre-order your tenor ukulele here. Outdoor Ukulele is waiting for the orders to hit 200 before it officially puts it into production.

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