Kwambio previewed at London 3D Printshow – a platform for customising 3D printable products

Kwambio is a new platform that aims to simplify the way consumers buy and customise 3D printable designs. Previewed to great reception at the 3D Printshow that hit London last weekend, it provides users with a library of product files that can be personalised before printing. Though it will be free-to-use upon its release this October, the long term plan is to charge a small fee per print.

Kwambio logo

The process is simple. You browse the catalogue of products that have been uploaded to Kwambio by its various design partners. Then, using a simple slider system, you change the shape of the product to suit your taste and personalise it with text. Once you have the item you want, just press print and fire it off on your 3D printer. The platform saves your creation too, so you can customise it and print it later on if you prefer.

Kwambio 3D print catalogue

The site represents a great opportunity for budding designers too. Kwambio hosts all the files under airtight security measures, so piracy is not an issue, and all products are tested by Kwambio’s expert team, so inclusion on the site gives every design a tick of quality. Plus, a talented designer gets to make cash from their creativity, without having to bother with any of the promotion.

Customise 3D printing

Explaining the product, Kwambio CEO Volodymyr  Usov:

The conference demonstrated the great interest in Kwambio. We’ve had really positive feedback, and also invited many designers to sell useful products on our platform. Martin Zampach, Clara Batlle, Bernat Cuni and Daniel Hilldrup, well-known designers and artists, are going to open their stores on Also retailers and plan to promote Kwambio through their customer networks.

Kwambio 3D printing

When it launches, Kwambio users will be able to choose from 20 separate pieces of decor, with many more planned to be added soon.  If you want to get involved, you can sign up on the website here.

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