Jweel: the personalised 3D printed jewellery design app that works on your browser

Jweel 3D printing

One area in which 3D printing seems to be making unstoppable strides is in the field of customised jewellery design. Once upon a time, getting a 100% personalised ring, pendant or bracelet designed and created in gold, silver, steel or titanium would be a costly enterprise and the reserve of only the richest and most carefree shoppers.

The last few years, however, have seen numerous companies utilising computer aided design and additive manufacturing to allow customers to get exactly the shiny adornment they want at an affordable price tag.

Recently, we”ve seen posh US retailer Neiman Marcus selling designs from Shapeways, Matter.io’s Design Your Own platform and Dutch shop HEMA’s collaboration with Zazzy.

3D printing jweel

Yet perhaps the most interesting development yet in the field is Jweel, an online app from French start up Skimlab. Created in partnership with French institute INRIA, whose research was used to develop its high tech system, Jweel allows users to create and customise jewellery right on their browser.

As the Skimlab team put it:

What we find in shops and stores are designed and made for everybody. Our fundamental view is that people have an inherent need to express themselves. So we want everyone to have easy access online casino to the best technology and unleash creativity, talent and inspiration.

3D printed jewels

This remarkably intuitive interface currently offers the user two options: Text Ring or Freestyle Ring.

The Text Ring allows you to take text of your choosing, be it a name, phrase, place, date or whatever, and turn it into a stylish decoration for your finger. All you have to do is choose the font, type the text and choose your size and a 3D model of the piece will appear on your screen.

The Freestyle Ring is a more flexible tool, allowing you to create entirely personalsied rings by editing, adding details and manipulating the shape. Though it comes with more of a learning curve than the Text Ring feature, with practice you can make impressive, unique pieces with ease.

3D printed jewelry

Once you’ve finalised your model you can order it for printing in gold, silver, steel and titanium from i.materialise, who will then deliver it right to your door. The next step for Jweel is to create tools for the design of bracelets, pendants, earrings and necklaces.

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