JewelDistrict launches its new 3D printed jewellery service

The 3D printed jewellery industry continues to boom with the launch of JewelDistrict. Based in Seoul, South Korea, this is a new online platform that allows designers to create geometrically complicated, entirely unique pieces before uploading them to the site.

3D printed jewelry

Their piece can then be 3D printed and delivered to their door. Though it is not the first time a company has offered this service, JewelDistrict does present a very extensive menu of over 13 finishing options for the imaginative jewellery designer.

Designers upload a 3D file of their jewellery piece to the site, before choosing the material, stone setting, surface finish and plating they want. They can print a piece in brass or silver, choose from a variety of stones, add a raw, polished, satin, stone, circle matt or mixed brush finish and complete the piece with gold, rhodium, black or oxidising plating.

3D printed jewellery JewelDistrict

Once the piece is ready to go, it is submitted for production. JewelDistrict’s team of technicians will print it and deliver it to right to the designer’s door in remarkably quick time. It takes a mere 5 days for brass or silver designs and 10 days for plated, satin or polished jewellery.

Jewelry 3d printing

As the file is now archived, it can be reprinted again and again in the future.

JewelDistrict will soon introduce an online store from which designers can sell their jewellery and an app that allows you to customise pieces on the move.

It’s no online casino surprise that 3D printed jewellery is turning out to be so popular. As well as allowing people to craft wearable pieces with a level of complexity never before thought possible, it is also far less time consuming and more cost effective than traditional methods of manufacturing. As every piece is printed to order, there is no potential for creating unsold products, while the turnaround time is massively reduced from an average time of a month to less than a week.

3D printing jewelry

Also, rings, bracelets and pendants for that special somebody can be personalised on a level far deeper than a mere engraved message.

In this increasingly crowded marketplace, JewelDistrict aims to be the most competitive service around. With its team of experienced, tech-savvy artists and jewellers housed in its headquarters in the heart of Seoul’s buzzing jewellery district, it certainly has the capabilities to do it. It’s a definite website to watch over the next year.

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