Japanese firm launches mOment: new fashion accessories made with 3D printing and traditional techniques

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is falling pretty passionately in love with 3D printing. From 3D printed swimwear on the Shanghai catwalk to designer Iris Van Herpen’s recent series of dresses to the EXCIDIUM shoe collection, it seems forward-thinking fashionistas the world over can’t get enough of additive manufacturing.

In truth, it’s no surprise. As a manufacturing technique, 3D printing offers a level of precise personalisation like no other, which, along with its ability to bring the most outlandish concepts into reality, makes it a perfect match for the fashion industry.

Kabuku Japanese 3D printing

The latest fashion line to adopt 3D printing is mOment, a new collection of accessories from Japanese firm Kabuku. A collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, the pieces were made using a combination of cutting edge 3D print and traditional Japanese hand dying techniques.

Japanese fashion accessories 3D printing

To develop this オンライン カジノ innovative new method, Kabuku partnered with Urakami-Senryoten, a dying factory located in the Kojima denim making district. This process has been christened Aizome, which roughly translates as indigo dying, and lends each piece a colour reminiscent of blue skies and clouds in the aftermath of a rainstorm. Kabuku wanted all its accessories designed in a way that is both easy and cutting edge, imbued with their own meaning and expression, calling to mind emotions, feelings and scenes.


The products are now available on Kabuku’s 3D print marketplace Rinkak, which was set up back in June 2013 to give designers an easy place to print and sell their wares. In order to launch the mOment line, Kabuku raised ¥200 million (£1.1 million) in Series A funding lead by Cyber Agent Ventures.

3D printing fashion

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