Finally! A 3D print product that gets you drunk: 3D Whisky

3D whiskey

Dedicated booze-hounds amongst you may already have heard of Caskstrength Creative, the outside-of-the-bottle thinking whisky writers that specialise in innovative alcoholic creations. For the past four months, Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley have been releasing their ‘Alphabet of Whisky’, with a brand new, extra special blend, themed around a different letter, launched every four weeks or so.

After the previous releases of Aran, BenRiach and Cutty Sark, this month comes the turn of the letter D and, given the current craze for all things three dimensional, there was only really one way to go. So, for this month only, those of you with a thirst for innovation and alcohol (plus a spare £49.99 knocking about in your wallet) can treat yourself to Caskstrength Creative’s 3D Whisky.

How did they make a whisky that is more 3D than any other?, I hear you ask.

Well, first off, the 3D blend has been concocted by combining three rich single malts beginning with, you guessed it, D: Dailuaine, Dalwhinnie and Dufftown. This was all done under the watchful eye of Diageo Master Blender Dr. Matthew Crow.

The dynamic duo of daring drink design and dazzling drunken developments then bottled their new creation, marking it with a 3D label that can be viewed using the complimentary glasses that accompany each purchase.

3D whiskey sleeve

Best of all, the back of the label carries a QR code that tech-minded drinkers can scan in order to download the blueprint for a unique, 3D printable whisky sleeve.

Only 504 70cl bottle are available to buy and each one comes with its own individual number. Along with the sleeve and the label, this makes 3D Whisky a real collector’s item for fans of the Water of Life.

Fancy a snort of 3D Whisky? You can snap it up from the Master of Malt website. Here at Top43DPrinting, we don’t know much about whisky other than how to drink it, so we’ll leave it up to Master of Malt to describe the palate:

A dustieness arrives, with charred oak, leading into a very subtle floral note, more orange peel, creamy malt and lemon meringue pie. The fruits of the nose are concentrated, with plums, sour cherries and more vanilla. Water brings out floral notes of white lilies, elderflower and nectarines.

Caskstrength Creative has even made its own spoof horror flick to launch the blend, which you can check out below. Happy drinking!

3D Whisky: The Movie from Caskstrength Creative on Vimeo.

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