Faire Play: Barbie’s 3D printed suit of armour (*Barbie siege engine and ale-house sold separately)

Have you ever had to buy a present for a female toddler but didn’t want to give her the same old thing? Jim Rodda was facing exactly that conundrum before his niece’s recent fourth birthday. You might have heard of Jim under his maker-alias Zheng3 – he’s the guy behind the 3D printed tabletop game Seej.

Barbie 3D printing armour

Anyway, he decided to merge his passion for all things medieval with his niece’s interest in fashion dolls by creating a 3D printable suit of armour for Barbie to wear while she rides her snarling pink steed into battle and decapitates Bratz dolls.

barbie 3D printing

After getting hold of a model from Barbie’s Fashionista range, Rodda spent a few hours taking photos of the figure from various different angles. Based on these snaps, he designed a suit of armour on his preferred programme, MAYA. After printing the kit on his MakerBot Replicator1, he decided it was so good he had to release it, open sourced on the web.

The Athena Makeover Kit, complete with spear, aegis and winged boots, can be downloaded for free here.

As it’s available under the Creative Commons License, you can print it, remix it and even put it to commercial use, so long as you credit Zheng3 when you do.

3D printed barbie armourThough it is an excellent piece of design and printing, the Athena Makeover Kit doesn’t quite have the style or detail one would expect from a war-maiden as fashion-conscious as Babs. Therefore, Rodda has launched the week’s weirdest 3D printing Kickstarter campaign, to raise the funds to create a suit of armour truly fit for the queen of toys.

On the highly entertaining crowd-funding page, the creator bemoans the fact that, in all her years, Barbie has never “cosplayed as Brienne of Taruth”, before explaining that the $5,000 target is required to amass the biodegradable plastic and replacement printer parts needed for the endeavour.

With 28 days left in the campaign, 33 backers have jumped on board and pledged $496 to the project. Want to get involved? Check out the awesome pitch video below.

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