Eat yourself thanks to iMakr, Rococo and Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge

Can you think of a better way to reward your significant other than by gifting them an edible, chocolate sculpture of yourself? Of course you can’t!

3d printed choclate Harvey Nichols

That’s why you need to get over to the iMakr/ Rococo booth in the fifth floor food court at Harvey Nichols of Knightsbridge. Between now and 22 April, this temporary pop-up is offering you the chance to scan yourself for the purposes of creating a you-shaped confection in either milk or dark chocolate.

The process is pretty straightforward. You step inside the booth, which is lined with 40 SLR cameras on all sides. Over the next five minutes, you’re snapped from every angle. The high resolution pictures are used to create a 3D model that is then printed off in plastic at the iMakr store.

Chocolate selfies 3D printing

This piece will be passed on to the chocolatiers over in Rococo’s South London headquarters, who use it to make a food-safe silicone mould. The mould is filled with melted dark or milk chocolate, which then cools and hardens. Voila – chocolate-you is now ready to go.

The whole thing takes no more than ten days, at which time you either pop over to Harvey Nicks or the iMakr store in Clerkenwell to pick up your saccharine likeness or, if you’re lazy, you have it sent direct to your door.

3D printed choclate Mothers Day

The next step is up to you – you can either give it to your spouse or partner as a somewhat creepy token of your esteem or you can shut the door, close the curtains, boil the kettle and stuff your face with your face. Those that wish to do either should know a Rococo Mini-You does not come cheap. Prices begin at £99 for six solid miniature busts, while a box of 12 will set you back £169.

To get yours, you’ll need to book a session in the booth over at the Harvey Nichols website.

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