Dutch retail giant HEMA becomes the country’s first store to offer 3D printed jewellery

Jewellery Zazzy

HEMA has become the first retail chain in the Netherlands to add 3D printed jewellery to its catalogue. The chain, which boasts 600 locations across the country, will now offer its online customers necklaces and bracelets printed in stainless steel, nylon and 24 carat gold by Dutch firm Zazzy.

Zazzy is an Amsterdam-based jeweller that prides itself on crafting an ‘alternative to the impersonal and overpriced jewellery that dominates the market.’

Promising to deliver something ‘personal and emotive and that should speak to the wearer’s own style and story’,  it allows users to customise their own unique and beautiful designs.


Those ordering through HEMA can choose from a range of pieces, while adding their own initials, messages and symbols. Prices begin at €12.50 and items take between 15 and 20 days to arrive at the customer’s door.

3D printing jewels

Online jewellery is a huge and growing market, worth roughly 120 billion pounds and attracting around 2 million shoppers ever day. Such a retail environment is obviously lucrative but also incredibly competitive. Therefore, anything a supplier can do to get an advantage over the competition is well worth trying.

By 3D printing jewellery to order, the retailer cuts out many of the costs and many of the risks from the process. As you only manufacture products that customers have already bought, you no longer need to bulk buy your inventory. The chance that you might stock up your store with products that nobody buys is eliminated.

HEMA 3D printed items

HEMA is also selling 3D printed iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases, though they have not yet confirmed the name of the firm being used to print those products.

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