Drinking in the bath has never been easier than with the Wave Hook from ImagiGadget

Regular readers will know that few things excite the folks here at Top 4 3D Printing quite as much as 3D printed items that facilitate getting drunk. After 3D printed whisky a few months back, comes Wave Hooks from ImagiGadget – a range of holders that stick to your bathroom wall to keep objects steady and in reach as you take a shower or bath.


Wave Hooks 3D printing


While some Wave Hooks are great for holding boring bathroom stuff like soap, shower gel and sponges, the best ones have been specifically designed to hold items that are truly essential to a healthy cleaning regime such as wine glasses and beer cans.

The technology is simple. Each hook is designed and 3D printed for a specific item and fitted with two suction cups that hold it firmly on the tile. According to enthusiastic pitch man and ImagiGadget CEO Michael Aylesworth:

Wave Hooks 3D printed shower holderEven in an earthquake, it’s not going anywhere.

ImagiGadget launched Wave Hooks back in January on two crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Unsurprisingly it was a huge and immediate success, smashing its three grand target and racking up $18,320 worth of backing within just ten days. Aylesworth has been inundated with interest, with 1,066 people already ordering their Wave Hook, priced at $19.99 a pop, while the ImagiGadger website has attracted 500,000 hits.

All of which proves that everybody loves drinking in the shower as much as we do. And we thought we had a problem!

In fact, interest has been so great that Aylesworth is teaming up with 3D print company makexyz to deliver on all the orders. Aylesworth reckons he can have his product retailing in stores by September, though, in order to do so, he will need to adopt higher volume manufacturing techniques such as injection moulding. As he explains:


Beer can holder 3D printed


We want to be very bullish in our expansion, but also extremely conservative and respectful of those backers who invested their money early on and expect their product on time. Bringing a new product to the market is very exciting for us as the inventors and manufacturers, but when you see this kind of viral excitement in the market place, everyone from consumers to investors gets a really incredible experience and sense of accomplishment.

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