Draw a sketch, print a sculpture

The artistic possibilities of 3D printing have already been well documented. If you are a creative sort and want to dip your toe into additive manufacturing, however, you might be put off by having to learn all that pesky Computer Aided Design business.

Fear not, lazy artists, for a new type of 3D printing service has been surfacing around the globe over the last twelve months that will take your hand-drawn designs straight from the page and print them as 3D objects. While most of these services are aimed at proud parents that want to make real-life three dimensional versions of their kid’s doodles, a new crowd funded Japanese service called Okuyuki aims to do the same for grown up artists without the time or inclination to learn Blender.





All the would-be 3D designers need to do is upload a sketch or drawing of their intended model to the Okuyuki website. Then, other users of the site can decide whether or not they would like to own a printed version of the item. If the sketch is popular, then Okuyuki’s in-house designers will create a blueprint, print the figure, paint it and send it out to all the backers.

The original artist picks up 10% of all the sales plus, of course, their very own model. It’s an interesting concept, bringing a professional twist to a process that has previously been concentrated on children. Whether or not the sketch designs will be popular enough to sustain a long term business model, however, is another matter.




Bringing children’s art to life

The genesis for all of this is Crayon Creatures. The brainchild of Barcelona designer Bernat Cuni, that site has been taking scans and images of children’s pictures and inflating them into full colour, sandstone objects since last January. At €99 plus €15 shipping per object and with hard, rigid layers, these are not toys but rather ornaments to take pride of place on parent’s desks or mantelpieces.

Cuni’s concept has been hugely influential, with 3D companies across the globe offering their own version of the same service. South Carolina’s DoodleSculpt provide local delivery of your child’s design in just 48 hours, while promising to keep all the charming ‘imperfections’ that make your baby’s drawing so  adorable.


3d Remind


This week another Japanese company 3D Remind entered the fray, with the Rakukuri service. Rakukuri takes a clear photograph of your child’s drawing and prints it as a model. Price-wise it runs higher than Crayon Creatures, however, with the smallest model beginning at around €148.

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