Check out Drawn ultra-customised furniture built with a massive, robotic 3D printing arm

Sylvain Charpiot and Samuel Javelle met at a campus FabLab project in Lyon and united in a common goal. They wanted to utilise cutting edge manufacturing technologies to make locally built, ultra-customised furniture. A few years later, we see the launch of Drawn, the duo’s concept made reality.

Drawn French company

In order to build their unique furniture designs, Charpiot and Javelle have developed a highly innovative device – Galatea, a gigantic, robotic arm that 3D prints the pieces. Freed from the constraints of a box-shaped 3D printer, it is capable of creating shapes with greater flexibility in a much larger build volume than the average industrial model.

Drawn French company 3D printing robot arm

Named after the mythical Greek sculpture so stunning that it caused its creator, Pygmalion, to fall desperately in love with it, Galatea took two years to develop with the support of a sackload of investment.

Galatea 3D printing robot arm

The results are quite stunning: chairs, benches, vases and lamps luminous in lush colours, shaped with fiercely distinctive design. The extrusion process leaves each piece with a ribbed surface, like Galatea’s own manufacturing signature.

Drawn 3D furniture

While up until now, the team has been showing their creation off at major shows such as Maker Faire, Paris, it is now ready to start taking commissions from designers and professionals, hosting workshops to show interested parties how to use casino online the technology and selling its wares from its, yet to be launched, online store.

It’s well worth checking out both the video below and our gallery of Drawn designs.

Drawn 3D printing French 3D printing chair 3D printed lamp 3D printing lamp drawn 3D printed chair drawn 3D printed rocking chair 3D printing table and chairs Vases 3D printing Drawn 3D printing chairs

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