Candy, the confectionery 3D printer from 3DVentures, launches on Kickstarter today

3DVentures is a London-based start-up, launching its first crowd-funding campaign today. The company is looking for backing to ramp up production on Candy, which it claims is the world’s first truly affordable confectionery 3D printer.

Candy 3D printer

Equipped with an electrical extruder, the device allows you to print any semi-solid foodstuff, while its plug-in-and-play design and simplified usability makes it accessible to both the home and professional user. Decorating cakes with personalised icing inscriptions, making bespoke chocolates, baking peanut butter biscuits, crafting edible figurines and other previously tricky desert preparation jobs are all made quicker and easier once Candy is in your kitchen.

3D printing food

All of that is available for a mere £299 when you back it on Kickstarter. That’s a 60 quid saving on the £359 asking price 3DVentures is estimating for the device when it eventually goes on general release.

The printer is SD card compatible and comes with a pre-loaded SD card as standard that’s packed with pre-set designs. That means, even if you haven’t the first idea about baking, you can get to work on intricate saccharine treats from the moment you take Candy out of its box.

3D printed cake

As well as accessibility, Candy has also been designed with looks in mind. It’s slick, slim and sharp, with an open build platform that lets you watch your tasty treats as they are printed.

3DVentures needs £60K to get things off the ground. If you want to help it on its way, and bag a bargain priced confectionery printer in the process, pop over to the Kickstarter page here.

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