Attention Hipsters! The 3D printed tricycle with a faring that you’ve all been waiting for is here

Do you get all your current affairs news from Vice and Wallpaper? Do you go to work wearing a gingham shirt, a straw hat, skinny jeans, cowboy boots and oversized plastic framed glasses?  Do you consider every popular music act’s first album to be superior to all their following albums? Are you looking for a new mode of transportation?

3D printed trike

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then the FAB Velo is the very thing for you. A tricycle that rocks a multicoloured tent, it is made from discarded household items, scrap material and 3D printed parts. The brainchild of bearded designer Mark Richardson, the FAB Velo will win you the envy of all you pass, whether you ride it down the cycle paths of Dalston (London), Williamsburg (New York) or wherever your local hipster hangout might be.

3D printed parts trike

Richardson, the former Senior Designer for Ford Motor Company, is interested in the idea of sustainable transport and focuses his designs on advancing ecological and social imperatives. His main sphere of interest is in how waste can be turned into open sourced modes of transporation, representing eco-friendliness, cost effectiveness, accessibility and forward thinking design. The FAB Velo is a great example of this idea in action. Made from, amongst other things, discarded whipper snippers, bikes, tents and wheelchairs, it features two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back, surrounded by a metal wire frame and a faring.

The 3D printed parts that hold the whole thing together and the blueprints for the FAB Velo’s construction are all available open sourced online, in keeping with Richardson’s sustainability-focussed outlook. That means anybody can easily download and personalise their very own FAB Velo before throwing it together with bits and pieces found around their house.

Happy tricycling!

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