Anouk Wipprecht’s next 3D printed dress is a worldwide collaboration and you can be involved

Regular visitors to the site will know how much we love Anouk Wipprecht. The Dutch fashion designer creates highly innovative dresses utilising 3D printing, such as the Smoke Dress that rocked the Frankfurt International Motor Show last year and the light dress that stunned the crowd at the Cirque De Soliel LIGHT nightclub in Las Vegas.

This week, Wipprecht has announced her latest project – a dress that will be made up of 150 different elements, each of them designed and printed by collaborators across the world, which will then be brought together in the final garment. In collaboration with Polaire, she has sent an open invite to the world, meaning you can be part of the project.

Anouk Wipprecht 3D printed dress

All you need to do is download the base file, which you can do here, and then play about with it to your heart’s content. This can mean anything from adding a new colour to adding a new element to the piece. The only proviso is that you ensure it stays within the correct dimensions. You then print it and pop it in the post, along with your name, date of birth, country and email, addressed to:

The Open Source Dress
Anouk Wipprecht x Polaire
Schottenfeldgasse 72/8c
1070 Wien

Anouk Wipprecht dress

Don’t feel you need to stick too closely to the original design either, as the artist wants each entry she receives to be truly personal for its creator. She says it:

…can communicate a message for you, whether that is a symbol like a small heart, typographical like a text or a name, or something more abstract, architectural or mechanic.

Anouk Wipprecht fashion technology

Just make sure Wipprecht receives your entry by September 13th – the first day of the Vienna Fashion Week. Over the first two days of the event, the artist will be constructing and modifying the dress at an event and party in the city’s 25hours Hotel.

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