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Top 4 3D Printing offers a one-stop site for those that want to learn more about 3D printing. Here you will find the latest news and views from the rapidly growing 3D print industry plus answers to all the big questions like ‘What is 3D printing?’, ‘How the hell does it work?’ and ‘Will it really change the world?’

Though 3D printing is around 30 years old, it is only in the last few years that the budgetary constraints and technological constraints once holding it back have loosened, giving the world at large easier access to 3D printers. As the price of equipment decreases and the ambition of designers (both amateur and professional) increases, the hype surrounding the technology gets hotter by the day. Every week news stories come down the wire regarding the latest mind bending model that has appeared on a 3D printer’s platform and each story sparks a fresh debate about the earth shattering effect it may have on the future of manufacturing.

In a world where a business has a machine capable of printing parts for every other machine in the building, not to mention parts of the building itself, manufacturing is turned on its head. In a world where hospitals can print organs for patients, the medical profession transforms dramatically. In a world where NASA can print rocks from the lunar surface in a University lab, the possibilities of space travel radically expand. This world may not quite be with us just yet but, with the technology developing constantly, we get closer to the possibility.

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