3D printing panel to feature at the SOURCING at MAGIC fashion conference

SOURCING at MAGIC is an annual conference that will hit the Las Vegas Convention Centre on August 17th this year. The three day convention is the world’s most extensive and well attended fashion sourcing event, where designers, brand leaders and sourcing executives are put directly in touch with the industry’s entire supply chain.


For the first time ever, 3D printing will be on the timetable, in the shape of a seminar discussion entitled How 3D Printing Is Redefining Design and Manufacturing. With the technology already being used by many of fashion’s most cutting edge operators, the seminar is intended to convert even more designers and brands to its huge potential.

Certainly, SOURCING has collected a very knowledgeable selection of speakers for the event, with the following experts sitting on the panel:

Natacha Alpert: A 3D conceptualist, Alpert runs the Miras3d consultancy firm. Over the last 14 years, she has worked alongside household-name brands such as Dr. Martens, Timbaland and Reebok. Miras3d specialises in showing clothing companies how additive manufacturing can benefit their bottom line.

Split Heels 3D printing SOURCING

Bryan Oknyansky: Oknyansky is a shoe designer who utilises 3D printing in his processes, most notably with ‘Split Heels’. This line of footwear used 3D printed PLA heels, platforms and soles, which were then tied together with a leather band.

Wendy Bendoni: A Professor of Fashion Marketing at Woodbury University, Bendoni is a respected trend analyst and forecaster for the fashion industry.  Past clients of Bendoni’s have included JC Penney, Nordstrom, OP, Levi’s, Vitoria’s Secret and Guess.

As we’ve mentioned before on Top 4 3D Printing, fashion is one of the industries that has most happily embraced 3D print technology. From 3D printed swimwear at the Shanghai Fashion Week to the radical work of Iris Van Herpen to the EXCIDIUM shoe line, 3D printed clothing has already been walked down the world’s catwalks many times.

If anything, 3D printing’s presence at SOURCING is an inevitable development, as opposed to a fringe attraction. For attendees interested in hearing the talk, it will take place on Monday August 18th at 11.15AM.

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