3D printed swimwear takes Shanghai Fashion Week by storm

Regular visitors to the site will know how many inroads 3D printing has already made into the fashion world. Additive manufacturing’s unmatchable level of precise personalisation makes it ideal for the design and production of clothing. Creators can tailor items perfectly to suit each wearer in a manner that is far more cost effective than traditional methods, while the flexibility of CAD allows them to truly let their imaginations off the leash.

3D printed swimwear

Therefore, it should come as no surprise to see 3D printed swimwear not just hitting the catwalk at this online casino week’s Shanghai Fashion Week, but also being one of the most talked about designs on show. The creation of Chinese designer Zhang Hongyu, the collection was printed in silicon polymer. This material adds a soft feel to the outfit, allowing Zhang to add a more delicate element to the pieces.

3D printed swimwear Zhang

This, alongside projects such as Hot Pop Factory”s weaving/ printing method, Feetz tailor made shoes and Mary Huang’s N12 bikini, opens a door to a potentially interesting future for clothing production. Zhang envisions a day where a customer 3D scans their body and send it off to the manufacturer, who then prints a piece of clothing that is a perfect-fit for them.

Zhang describes her creation like this:

This is not just a swimsuit, it also makes the people who were it feel happy and look charming. Swimming is part of beach culture. So we want our customers to experience beach culture, to make them feel like they’re on a relaxing holiday.

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