3D printed Lord Ganesha displayed at busy Bangalore Metro Station

Altem Technologies is one of India’s leading 3D print companies. Based in Bangalore, the country’s third largest city, it distributes hardware and software solutions in partnership with Stratasys. In order to show the general public what the technology is capable of, the team has printed off a beautifully intricate model of one of the Hindu pantheon’s most popular deities, which is now on display in one of its home town’s busiest Metro stations.

3D printed Lord Ganesha

Between now and the 7th September visitors to the M.G. Road Station’s Rangoli Art Centre will be greeted by a 6  foot by 5 foot display dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of beginnings. The model was created by 3D scanning various idols of the popularly worshipped deva of intellect and wisdom in temples across India, which were then printed using Fused Deposition Modelling and Polyjet printers from Stratasys.

The 3D printed Lord Ganes

Srinivas Shastry, Technical Director at Altem Technologies describes what he hopes the experience will be like for its online casino visitors.

We wanted to showcase this unique experience to tech savvy Bangaloreans and also Ganesha devotees under one roof. Enthusiasts can explore technology behind it, while devotees can get a glimpse of the 12 avatars of the deity & take a mini Ashtavinayaka pilgrimage from this art gallery.

Prasad Rodagi, the Director of Altem Technologies explains the concept behind the project:

Lord Ganesha is widely reversed as the remover of obstacles, and as the god of intellect and wisdom. Being the god of beginnings, he is worshiped at the start of rituals and ceremonies. 3D printing is a technology used right in the beginning of the engineering design cycle to overcome flaws in design & development of new products. Invariably, any product takes 3D printed form before taking its commercial avatar. Additionally, an idol of Ganesha is one of the most intricate idols in India, which can give the viewer an excellent idea about the possibilities of 3D printing. Hence, Lord Ganesha is being 3D printed in this scale for the first time in the country on the occasion of Ganesha Chathurthi.

Ganesha 3D printing

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